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Who Wants

to be a


There seems to be no end in sight to the superhero genre. What is it about comic books and superheroes that appeals to people, both children and adults, on such a fundamental level?

Answer: Superheroes are so popular because we all wish we were one! I asked my youth group recently, “Which superhero would you be?” They all had a quick answer…it had long been thought through—mostly because we all want to do something incredible! So we are drawn to those that can, and we want to live vicariously through them. (I’d like to be Mr. Incredible! “I’ve still got time…!”)

As is most often seen in the “Christian-Superhero” genre, the premise is that the main character is somehow endowed with super powers by God and sent off on a mission of righteousness with these powers. My view is that we ALL are given this mission—“…to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with my God,” Micah 6:8.

That’s an interesting thing as a Christian. We all want to be “warriors”, but it seems so unglamorous to be a “prayer warrior”. We can’t imagine doing great and amazing things with our eyes closed and on our knees, and no matter how many times we picture ourselves “standing in the gap” and “wielding our swords” and “doing spiritual battle against powers and principalities”…it seems less satisfying than flying through the night to fight crime and bring justice to the wicked. I know it’s hard for me!

Oh! I could go on and on…but my greatest accomplishment would be to learn how to do just that…effectively enter into prayer and truly stand in the gap and make a change!

Brett Burner, Publisher