Superheros and Super Villains Clash—

but what happens when the villain becomes a Christian,

and the Superhero carries an evil secret?

With the world watching, the opposing forces of super-powered beings clash in battles that reveal whether those who serve the elusive Morningstar, said to be a wise and powerful heavenly creature, fight for the cause of good and evil.

In the storm of battle, it’s hard to tell friend from foe. A turbulent stranger with hurricane-like powers takes hostages on an oil rig, calling himself the Tempest and claiming to fight for the environment. Showing up to battle him are members of the Hand of the Morningstar, a group of barely known, super-powered beings serving a mysterious leader. Who is really out to save the world? When this war is over and a victor emerges, the citizens of earth had better hope they’ve chosen their heroes wisely.

It’s a story like you’ve NEVER read, and will change your opinion and expectation of the Christian Graphic Novel art form forever…

Critical Praise for Hand of the Morningstar:

“Hand of the Morningstar: ‘Advent’ and ‘Resurrection’ are good. Very good in fact….[Lamp Post] hasn’t skimped on the details….I was pleasantly taken aback as I read through these 2 volumes, in one sitting no less, at how much took me by genuine surprise. I’ve been reading superheroes from The Big Two for 15 years and am accustomed to deaths, betrayals, and resurrections on a monthly basis, but [writers] Mike Miller and Brett Burner wisely let the reader in on a few secrets at a time. It is a page turner and it’s obvious that this series has a few more aces up its sleeve yet….Miller’s black and white art is straight forward, but far from bland. He knows what he’s doing….There’s plenty of action in the story for him to litter each book with power packed fight scenes and buckets of energetic splash pages. The expressions are spot-on, and sometimes the reactions are downright funny. This helps to compliment the script perfectly….There is a great sequence in which Tempest [one of the main characters] is reading the Bible as the words come alive. Jesus has never looked so heroic! To some, this may come across as not too subtle but it contains the gospel message beautifully and I actually found the choice of verses quite moving. There’s something in these digests for comics fans, Christians, and those that are both or neither….These two volumes honestly did captivate me.” —